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Adena Research Forum 2022

Regional Scholarly Event

June 7, 2022

Keynote Speaker
Winning Resident Entries (Gold, Silver, Bronze + honorary mention)
13 - Necessity of coagulation panels in chest pain patients in the ED - Castellaw.jpg
6 - Missed Adverse Cardiac Events A Survey of Emergency Medicine Providers - Samuels.jpg
3 - A case of Viral Encephalitis with an unexpected finding of Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob
Resident Entries
5 - Case Study Can treatment of ADHD prevent relapse in patients with comorbid substance u
11 - A Not So Candid Case of Fungal Prostatitis A Case Report  - Harper and Horn.jpg
10 - Mania Status Post Brain Tumor Resection, a Case Report - Ekstrand.jpg
12 - Interspinous Spacer Device An Alternative Intervention for Spinal - Rippe.jpg
9 - Behavioral Health Planning in an Emergency Department - Stanfield.jpg
4 - .jpg
8 - Vasovagal Syncope from Sigmoid Volvulus - Jordan.jpg
Adena Health System Researchers
Hansen Research Summit FINAL Poster.jpg
Research - Gender Bias Main Study.jpg
MACE outcome - Weinstock.jpg
See You in Court - Weinstock et al.jpg
Pilot of knowledge dissemination.jpg
PA malpractice trends - Weinstock Wu.jpg
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