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Adena Chest Pain Summit 2018
September 26, 2018

HEART Score for the Advanced Clinician


A Big Thank You!

Thank you for attending this event in person or via the live stream.
We are honored by your participation.  

We had visitors on the livestream from 29 states and 4 countries!  


After a negative ED evaluation for ACS,
is an expedited outpatient evaluation
a safe alternative to admission?

  1. Learn how to identify atypical presentations of acute coronary syndrome (ACS)

  2. Learn when to choose a process to facilitate an expedited outpatient evaluation for moderate and high risk HEART score patients

  3. Review chest pain decision rules including the HEART score, NACPR, and TIMI to understand the data on shared decision making (SDM) regarding disposition of ED chest pain patients and recognize the legal implications for missed major adverse cardiac event (MACE)


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