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Adena Chest Pain Summit 2018

* What is the risk of MACE after a negative ED evaluation?
* What is the risk of death in patients with nSTEMI?
* What is the acceptable miss rate for MACE (new data)
* What barriers exist to discharging patients with a low HEART score?

And our main conference question:

After a negative ED evaluation, is expedited outpatient follow up a safe alternative to admission?

Achieveing Excellence in Medical Education

Presentations, Podcasts, and Productions
* Learn the secrets of giving a great lecture from world class medical educators and presenters
​* Hear and see familiar podcasters record live segments with on-site residents and faculty
​​* Discover the approach to planning and effective and engaging conference
​​* See 5-minute resident presentation competition with live critique by on-site panel

Mock Trial of the Century

A 58-year old male with chest pain

The Academic Imperative

VIRTUALLY LIVE Scholarly National & Regional Poster Competition with Keynote Address: The Academic Imperative

Calling all Residents and Providers to enter! RESIDENTS will be competing for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. All other researcher entries are for scholarly activity and also must submit entries here. Enter before midnight April 20.